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Dag 5 van de reis:
International Camebridge Programme

Dag 5 van de reis:

Tuesday 15/10/2019

Today we left Oxford and our host families. We went to London with our private coach. Everyone was very excited. We arrived at 10.15 am. We went to our hostel and dropped our luggage.

After that we walked to the British Museum. We spent there 1,5 hours.

The museum was enormous and you were able to see many different historical elements. When we left the museum, we walked to covent garden. This was a nice place with small shops and cafes. After spending some time there, we walked towards Trafalgar Square where we would eat that evening. We went by underground to Buckingham Palace and after that we had some time off. Some went shopping, others sat at a cafe. When we got together again, we ate at Prezzo. Some had a pasta, others had a very spicy pizza. After dessert we had an evening walk along the Thames, everything looked very pretty in the dark with all the lights. The Big Ben was under construction, so we couldn't see it. It has been like that for almost two years, so we think they only work on it when it's not raining. We got back to our hostel by the underground. We chatted in our room with almost everyone and then we fell asleep.


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Studiemiddag: leerlingen lesvrij
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Vwo 6: schoolverlatersavond (geannuleerd)
19.30 uur

Vmbo GT 3-4: informatieavond (geannuleerd)