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Dag 6: Woensdag
Singing the songs of Phantom of the opera

Dag 6: Woensdag

Wednesday 16/10/2019


In the morning we gathered downstairs at the hostel. We left for Sky Garden but because of the fact that some people were still in the shower, the group kind of split up. Two persons went ahead and the two in the shower were left behind. The rest of the group went to Sky Garden together and after some security, we enjoyed a view from 160m height. After this, we walked to the Tower of London; took a group picture and went to Borough Market. During our walk, an awfully mean gull attacked Bodien’s hair while she was trying to take a picture. Once we arrived, we had an hour for lunch. Borough Market, you see, is a huge market with street food from all over the world. Afterwards, we went to Tate Modern to get a tour of 45 minutes. Then, we had some free time to grab a bite to eat because we had to be at Her Majesty's Theatre in time. Most of us had Italian food and two of us ate at a Chinese place and we ourselves had dinner at a lovely Indian bistro. With our tummies filled, we went to see 'The phantom of the opera'. The show was beautiful and on the way back, everyone was singing the songs. During our walk to the hostel, we watched some street performers and we all had a fun night.


Bodien, Elise & Laura


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