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Maandag: werkweek Oxford
Dag 4

Maandag: werkweek Oxford


The day started off like always, later than expected. There was a lot of traffic on our way to the centre of Oxford. Later, we discovered that the reason of this was the tragic death of a police officer earlier this year. It was a 28-year old officer from Oxford who got married 4 weeks before this awful event. We all were attending the impressive procession to Christ Church Cathedral as we were walking towards our first meeting point of the day, the Ashmolean Museum. We visited this academic institution without any tour guides which gave us the opportunity to explore this museum by ourselves. A lot of us were very fascinated by the ancient art and archaeology the exhibition provided us. After visiting the gallery, we had some spare to do whatever we wanted to do. For some this meant shopping and for others it meant getting some lunch. After the leisure time we met up at the former Oxford castle and prison. During this stop we had the opportunity to experience the way of living behind bars, the inmates had the deal with. It really surprised us how ruthless the guards dealt with them! Within the compound we’ve visited the big guardtower, some former cells and a number of spooky rooms. As we left the castle it started to rain cats and dogs (again) so we went to consume some hot beverages at a nearby café. In short, it was a pretty relaxed day with some memorable events in it. We absolutely loved it.

Hielke Prins, Gijs Hannink and Mees Kappert



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