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Monday 15 October
The only sun we had today was Sunny

Monday 15 October
After last year’s walk in rays of sunshine, this year’s group was facing a greater challenge, or better said, challenges.

Our bus driver Sunny took us comfortably to a delightful village called Winchcombe. This was the starting point of a 19,4 kilometres’ walk to Broadway in the Cotswolds, an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Accompanied by rain, wind, rain, more rain and an often slippery and slightly muddy surface the students were braving themselves in these fierce conditions without any complaints.

A few students, boys mainly, have walked at least 23 kilometres because they took alternative paths and were running downhill.

A few girls had outfits which were quite suitable for a classy evening in the theatre but fair enough, they managed quite well under the circumstances.

After we had been walking for three hours we passed a local B&B and we were offered a nice cup of tea for 26 people because Mr Schrijver recognised the place where he had stayed a few years before.

After that the group had new spirits and within three hours we reached the unspoiled village of Broadway. We had a good pub meal and around 2000 everybody was back at their host families with clothes and shoes that had seen and felt more rain and mud that they had ever felt before.

The group was fantastic and many have overcome their own physical challenges. How very well done!

Mrs E. de Knoop & Mr. M Schrijver


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