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Our final day in London
Thursday, the 18th of October

This is our final day in London/England. Before we were to depart back to our homes, we went to the St. Paul’s Cathedral. This Cathedral is colossal, to reach the highest level of it you have to climb a measly 528 stairs. As we all are in near perfect shape, even mr. Schrijver and ms. de Knoop, we had no difficulty in completing this light challenge.
Our final day in London
The Cathedral features a whistle gallery, where we could hear one another speak if they whispered on the other side of the room via the walls. After visiting the cathedral, the group was split. Soms went to go shopping at Oxford street, while others comitted to doing different activities. We, (Falko, Owen and Lars) were going to interview businesses for our MPWS in London. The different groups came back together at 15.45 in our youth hostel to prepare for leaving to the nearest train-station. The trip from London to Luton Airport didnt take that long, it was quiet and everybody was relaxed. Panic started when we arrived at the airport as a few students thought it to be smart to buy a drink at Starbucks just before entering border security.

Half an hour before our departure the flight was delayed, which created a fuss in how we were to go back home if we weren’t able to be in time for the final train. This led to us arranging a plan B, where seven parents would pick us up at Schiphol Airport to bring us back home. In the end this wasn’t nessecary, as our flight was only delayed by half an hour. Due to the sudden change of the departure times on the displays we had to run to the plane. We arrived just in time and had a relaxing but short flight back home. Arriving at the airport of Amsterdam we even were 20 minutes early for the last train. After we arrived in Zwolle, we wished one another a good holiday and all went back home.

In the end we think this trip was truly amazing. We had a pleasant and close group with a lot of fun, even with the teachers. We were able to see a lot of the 2 cities Oxford and London in a pretty short timespan of a week, which led to most of us being quite tired at the end of this trip.

Owen & Lars

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