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Wednesday 17 October

We started this day by visiting Buckingham Palace, this, unfortunately, was quite disappointing for most of us, as it was very crowded and most of us couldn't find a good spot to watch the Changing of the Guards.
Wednesday 17 October
Shortening our visit to Buckingham Palace, we decided to grab a coffee, with an exception of some, who decided to stay to watch the ending of the Ceremony.

Our day continues at the Natural History Museum. Upon entering the building, the first item we saw was the massive skeleton of a whale. Initially, we all visited the so called 'red zone', which focuses on the earth, its minerals, history and future. A perfect environment for ms. De Knoop to shine! After this, we had some time to visit whatever we wanted at the museum.

After having a great time at the Natural History museum, we had some spare time, in which we could explore London or work on our group projects for CKV and English. This evening, we also had the opportunity to eat wherever we wanted, 6 of us decided to spend 220 euros for the best sushi of their lives.

At 19:00 we regrouped in front of Her Majesty's Theatre, where we watched the musical 'The Phantom of the Opera'. When the musical ended, most of us had some questions about the story, this led to some discussions about what the musical really was about.

When we got back to the hostel, we had a drink together to end the day.

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