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Zondag: werkweek Oxford
Dag 3

Zondag: werkweek Oxford

Sunday 13/10/2019

The journey began when we arrived half an hour too early in Broadway, due to our driver who enjoyed to drive a bit above the speedlimit. This messed up the plan of buying lunch from the local supermarktet. After a cup of coffee at a hotel everybody got their survivalpacket for the day. Then we all dressed up fancily in our raincoates and hiking gear. There we took off, accompanied by ‘Take me home, country road’ a number played by Mees. Sadly in the beginning everybody was rather anxious to walk the 22 kilometres through rain and mud. When the first hard climb came, Helen was the first victim in the slippery fields. Then we made time for a small break, everybody was so overheated that scarfs, jackets and sweaters became unnecessary. Short after this the second victim fell; Jasmijn fell flat out on the ground and was completely covered in mud. How unpleasant these events were something positive was happening, the sky was clearing up. The whole class enjoyed the walking, the nature and made conversation with one another. Then Mrs. De Knoop said she had the perfect spot to lunch. So there we all sat, in the middle of a beautiful meadow by the tree. It seemed so peaceful... till two horses decided to check us out. They were especially very interested in Gijs, who couldn't really appreciate there company and ran off. Mr. Schrijver also became scared and tried to get into safety by standing within the fence placed around the tree. In the meantime Mees, Elise and Laura were becoming friends with the horses. We decided to carry on, only to find a herd of cows in the next meadow and it was then that our third victim fell, Wessel. Around 2 o'clock we arrived at a bed and breakfast for some coffee and pastry. The lovely woman who owns the place welcomed us, though everybody did have to take the dirty shoes off. When everybody was warmed up again the sun also decided to show himself in full which made what would have been the last two hours a lot more pleasant. The two hours became three hours because three girls who decided they would walk faster than the group. We lost sight of them. What followed was This: our teachers thought those girls walked the wrong route and they had to come back to us. In the meantime we were in a meadow with three possible routes to take in the other side, which let to small panic attacks. So three students were sent us to walk across the meadow to find out which one was the right route and as a reward they could earn a pound. Sadly none of those routes were the correct one and it turned out that the girl scouts were right after all. So after walking an extra kilometer we were on the right path again and got to a very steep descent. You could choose to climb down slowly and carefully or to recklessly run down and fall while doing this. Of course this was the option two of our boys chose. This is almost the end of our journey, the only things we still had to do was walk through mud that would, according to Mrs. De Knoop, reach our calves. Even our experienced Mrs.

De Knoop slipped in the mud and fell. A few other students slipped as well, Jasmijn also for the second time. In the meantime everyone carried 2 extra pounds of mud with them hanging on their shoes. However we stayed positive, because due to our delay we got to see a beautiful sunset which made the pain in our feet a little less. Eventually after this long day we made it to the pub, for a delicious warm meal and dessert. We did have to rush through our dinner because our bus driver had to take us home. As you probably noticed it was a long journey but believe us we have never laughed as much as we did today.

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